Materials Characterization Research Associate

Cornell University, Materials Science & Engineering

Ithaca, NY - Aug 05, 2022

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[IMAGE]The PARADIM Electron Microscopy (EM) user facility is seeking a Research Associate to work with an internationally recognized team of experts to accelerate the realization of inorganic materials, including interface materials, relevant to the next generation of electronics.

PARADIM (Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis, and Discovery of Interface Materials) is a national user facility sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

PARADIM seeks to accelerate the realization of inorganic materials with properties that could transform next-generation electronics.

PARADIM is a partnership between Cornell University and Johns Hopkins University that seeks to enable a more effective way of doing materials research, one that accelerates materials discovery by establishing an ecosystem—a national community of practitioners—and equipping them with theoretical and experimental methods that enable them to reduce to practice the inorganic materials of which they dream.

To achieve this ecosystem vision, PARADIM’s mission is to empower practitioners to accelerate the discovery of atomically engineered inorganic materials that revolutionize electronics.

The core capability of PARADIM is its user facilities.

Ensuring that these tools and support staff are well aligned with PARADIM’s mission and worthy of a national user facility is vital to the success of the Platform.

To that end, PARADIM user facilities build upon the existing infrastructure of some of the most advanced growth, characterization, analysis, and modeling tools—supplemented by new tools with unparalleled capabilities—and make them available to the broader scientific community.

Successful candidates for this position should have a Ph.D.

in Physics, Applied Physics, Materials Science, Solid-State Chemistry or related fields with 4 or more years of relevant experience (exceptional MS candidates may also be considered) and will be responsible for assisting PARADIM users in the characterization and analysis of their materials using some of the most powerful election microscopes in the world.

Expertise in aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM), electron spectroscopy (Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) or Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy (EELS)), and focused ion beam (FIB) preparation of TEM samples is required.

A critical long-term responsibility of this position will be to support and mentor PARADIM users in advanced EM characterization and analysis of their materials down to the atomic scale.

Additional responsibilities will include assisting users in processing of data collected in PARADIM’s electron microscopy facility, storing and curating data from the electron microscopes, teaching at PARADIM’s summer school on electron microscopy, and interacting with users to help and consult them refine their concepts before PARADIM proposal submission.

PARADIM Research Associates is encouraged to be research active; the Research Associate may publish research papers related to the in-house research theme of PARADIM: weaving new “quantum fabrics” with tailored functionalities which arise by intertwining different quantum materials.

To facilitate this, in addition to the possibility of collaborating with interested PARADIM users on their research, Research Associates may write proposals to use PARADIM facilities and spend up to 20% of their time doing research in PARADIM facilities related to quantum fabrics on which the Research Associate is the Principal Investigator.

Research Associate is a non-tenure-track academic research appointment.

This is a three-year term position that may be extended.

Continued employment will be contingent on performance, program needs, and funding availability.


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