Director, Systems Engineering Education Program

University of Maryland, College Park

College Park, MD - May 13, 2022


The Director, Systems Engineering Education Program has the responsibility, with the assistance of the ISR Faculty through the ISR Education Program Committee and under the guidance of the ISR Director, for technical leadership, strategic planning, and administration to fulfill the ISR education mission.

Today that mission includes the Master of Science in Systems Engineering (MSSE) Program, undergraduate capstone course, special topics courses, the university’s INCOSE student division, and student recognition programs.

In the future, the mission may include a Ph.D.

program in Systems Engineering and an undergraduate minor program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include: - Overseeing the MSSE program as Graduate Director (daily operations and the admission process); - Oversee the lecturer/instructor and teaching assistant appointment process; - Collaborating with other academic departments on systems engineering content in programs and creating joint programs (e.g., joint BS in an engineering domain/MSSE); - Strategic planning for future education mission activities and assessing all activities to ensure continual improvement of the program; - Developing and implementing strategies that recruit students; advising MSSE students until they find a permanent academic and research advisor; - Collaborating with the ISR faculty on development and teaching of future courses; - Recruiting and mentoring adjunct faculty; - Reporting the status of education activities; obtaining advice and council on the education program from the ISR external systems engineering advisory group; - Working with alumni, industry, and government to provide scholarships, mentors, and other investments for the education activities; - Advising the INCOSE student division participating in INCOSE activities and events at international and local levels to benefit the ISR; - Teaching one or two courses a year; - Delivering seminars and lectures on systems engineering.



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