Student Worker, Residential Life Coach (Cincinnati, OH, US)

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, OH - May 13, 2022


Student Job Opportunity - Join CECH’s Transition and Access Program! MESSAGE: We are looking for a diverse group of students to be Residential Life Coaches for CECH’s Transition and Access Program.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Work 10 hours per week.

Residential Coaches will be paid an hourly wage and will clock in and out using the appropriate University of Cincinnati time clock.  Hours worked may be during the business day, in the evenings and on the weekends, depending upon individual schedules and TAP student needs.

Hours will include the 30-minute weekly meetings with each student, office hours, study tables, monthly social event planning, documentation, and trainings.

Live in the same residence hall as TAP students and serve to advocate for inclusive experiences for TAP students’ and their neighbors.

Meet with assigned students at a regularly set 30-minute meeting each week to review progress toward goals.

Staff 2 hours of office time each week to be available for unexpected student needs.

Office hours will be held on the same day and time each week.

Monitor 2 hours of study table time one night per week.

Plan one social event for TAP students each month.

Work with your students to plan, prepare and execute the event.

Support TAP students by creating appropriate and purposeful action steps for their academic, vocational, independent living and social goals.

Assist TAP students in identifying barriers and fears that impede the progression of achieving set goals and develop an action plan that allows students to overcome these barriers so that goals can be attained.

Refer to evidenced-based practices (direct instruction, systematic instruction, etc.) for continued skill development.

Effectively communicate with TAP students at an appropriate level and format that best meets each student’s ability and confirm understanding that message was received as the sender intended.

Record timely and detailed documentation of all interactions with students and their progress on goal attainment in the manner designated by TAP policies and procedures.

Teach, support and reinforce important life skills inherent to growth and personal development of the student.

Support students to individually manage schedule, personal care needs, and social relationships.

Complete independent living and any other social assessments as needed at the frequency determined by TAP Program Coordinators.  This will vary per student based on the TAP student’s progress and needs.

This range will vary from weekly to once per semester.

Attend monthly staff meetings.

Provide monthly support and guidance on individual student digital portfolios.

Effectively communicate concerns or needs to appropriate TAP Coordinators so that they can be addressed in a timely manner.

Adhere to TAP Program and University policies on maintaining confidentiality and compliance with security in technology/computer use.

Follow program protocol for emergency management.

Maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5.

Adhere to all University HR policies and TAP Worker Handbook of Policies and Procedures.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: To be considered for this position you must meet the following requirements: Is at least 16 years of age Enrolled at a post-secondary institution or a secondary school at least part-time (one (1) or more credit hours if at a post-secondary institution), except for summer term, or will be a registered student during the next academic term ADDITIONAL QUALIFICATIONS CONSIDERED: This opportunity is open to students in all academic majors Possesses a high level of executive functioning, time management, and problem-solving skills.

Displays an understanding of conflict resolution protocol and effectively implements the protocol in interactions with others.

Exhibits a high level of self-awareness and ability to identify, manage, and express emotions in a constructive and socially acceptable manner.

Understands the basic steps to problem-solving and decision-making hierarchies.

Possesses exceptional verbal and written communication skills with an awareness of sender versus receiver understanding of messages communicated and knowledge of how to adapt messages to meet the needs of different audiences.

Has an aptitude for guiding and motivating others in a clear, direct, positive manner free from nagging, belittling or demeaning communication that would impede the development of self-efficacy of another person.

Understands the importance of goal development and exhibits knowledge of how to set appropriate goals and action steps needed to achieve those goals.

Demonstrates flexibility in personal interactions to promote self-determination of others.

Maintains an awareness of the University of Cincinnati and community resources and has an aptitude for accessing resources as needed.

Displays an ability to discern issues that require an additional level of administrative support and effectively communicates needs to the appropriate manager.

Proficiency in basic computer and mobile technology.

Displays an exceptional understanding of empathy and employs that knowledge to successfully gain rapport with students and staff.

AVAILABILITY: Flexible scheduling – will need to have time to meet 1:1 with TAP students living in Marian Spencer or Scioto Residence Halls.

LOCATION: Main Campus – Marian Spence or Scioto Residence Halls.

SALARY: Hourly Rate - $10.00 / hour APPLICATION PROCESS: To be considered for this position, please complete an online application and submit a resume and cover letter.

You will be notified by the department if you are selected for an interview.

  The University of Cincinnati is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer / Minority / Female / Disability / Veteran.

  REQ: 44522 SF:OMJ SF:RM  



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