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This National Guard position is for a ELECTRONIC INTEGRATED SYSTEMS MECHANIC (TITLE 32), Position Description Number D2326000/D2324000 and is part of the Oregon National Guard 173rd Fighter Wing, National Guard.

Areas of Consideration:nArea 1 - Current permanent or conditional Title 32 Technicians of the Oregon ANG.nArea 2 - Current permanent or conditional Title 5 Employees of the Oregon ANG.nArea 3 - Current service members in the Oregon ANG.nArea 4 - Individuals in the Active Duty US Air Force, Air Force Reserve, or Air National Guard.nArea 5 - US Citizens eligible to meet the military requirements for membership in the Oregon ANG.

GENERAL and SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:nWG-13 (Back Shop)nThe applicant must have at least 12 months of specialized experiences working as an Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic, WG-2610-12, and must possess the craftsman level of knowledge and skills to install, modify, overhaul, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, align, calibrate, and rebuild multi-system avionics complexes consisting of multiple completely integrated electronic avionics systems where the complex accomplishes a number of major functions.

Experiences included the ability and skills to perform on-or off-equipment maintenance on one or more complete electronic integrated systems associated with the assigned aircraft and/or maintenance on systems such as, automatic flight control systems, instrument systems, inertial and radar navigation systems.

Experienced in performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on one or more multi-complex electronic integrated systems.

Experiences included completing operational checks, inspections, tests, trouble shooting, removal and replacement of line-replaceable-units which are linked with integrated systems and line-replaceable-units which are independent or associated with nonintegrated systems.

Must have skilled capabilities of isolating unusual malfunctions using technical orders, schematics, wiring diagrams, tools, and test equipment including automatic test equipment and flight line test systems.

Skilled in solving complex problems by analyzing installation, circuitry, and operating characteristics of the systems.

Experiences involved adjusting and aligning system sensors, transmitters, amplifiers, power supplies, display devices, controls, transponders, actuators, servos, computers and other related components.

Skilled in the installation of serviceable components into aircraft and performed total systems alignment and harmonization in accordance with existing technical orders and directives.

Experienced and skilled in completing technical order compliances, completing component and system modifications, and performing thorough system checks for correct operations.

Skilled in maintaining, modifying, calibrating, and inspecting a wide variety of user test, measurement, and diagnostic equipment.

Experienced in performing installations, modifications, overhauling, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, rebuilding, aligning, and calibrating complete electronic avionics multi-system controls.

Must have a thorough working knowledge of complex aircraft avionics or electronic circuit maintenance systems such as, the electronics package in highly automated aircraft where the integrated flight and integrated countermeasures system, electronic multiplex communications bus, inertial navigation system, multi-function displays, head-up display, data transfer equipment, global positioning system, situation awareness data-link, data modem, flight control system, pivot-static system and related instrumentation, flight director instrumentation, central air data computer, engine, hydraulic and fuel quantity indicating systems, voice message warning, various modes of data, intercom, secure voice communications, identification friend or foe, and tactical air navigation system.

Experienced in evaluating operational characteristics of the integrated systems by observing and analyzing waveforms, voltage, current, power indications, computer registers and printouts.

Skilled in analyzing the malfunctions encountered through fault codes, determining repair sequence process and performing required repairs.

Experiences involved reviewing and analyzing maintenance data; determines if criteria are sufficient to provide adequate test, troubleshooting and repair procedures; devises and recommends tests, procedural changes, or data corrections.

Skilled in performing alignments, adjustments, and conducting final calibrations on integrated systems to determine successful repairs.

Experienced in monitoring the operations of complex, inter-related systems, analyzing operating trends, and proposing preventative maintenance down time.

Skilled in the applications of technical data and equipment specifications that determine the impact equipment modifications or substitutions on integrated multi-system operations and various maintenance alignment procedures.

Competent in using algebraic and trigonometric functions to adapt standard formulas to the specific requirements of the integrated system.

Experiences involved the installation, operation, and repair work on prototypes or experimental electronic systems such as, inertial navigation or automatic flight control.

Competent in advising aerospace engineering personnel on the operation and maintenance effects of proposed time compliance technical orders' modifications on new or existing equipment.

WG-12 (Back Shop)nThis position is a journeyman skill level designed as a developmental opportunity to qualify for merit promotion to the dual status technician PD# D2324000, Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic, WG-2610-13 (Back Shop) craftsman expertise.

Must have at least a three-skill level in one of the compatible AFSCs, with 12 months of work experiences, that involved duties such as, inspecting, testing, troubleshooting, repairing and modifying software controlled automated and manually controlled test stations, electronic circuit maintenance pods, peripherals, support equipment and associated subsystems.

NOTE: To credit work experiences gained from completing the compatible AFSC technical training school program, the applicant must submit technical school certificate(s) and student evaluation(s) to support/verify AFSC work experiences and skills performed while attending the applicable Air Force technical school(s).

Knowledgeable of stations that are used to repair and maintain all avionics line-replaceable units and pods.

Skilled in analyzing performance, running tests, conducting inspections, troubleshooting, identifying and isolating malfunctions, disassembling, modifying or repairing and reassembling the test stations or electronic circuit maintenance pods and their associated peripherals.

Skilled in reading the complex inter-related variables that resulted from a mix of computer hardware and software, stimulus and measurement systems, and special purpose test subsystems.

Experiences involved analyzing malfunctions using schematics, logic and wiring diagrams, programming tables, computer program flow charts, software user guides, computer program listings and factory drawings.

Skilled in diagnosing circuit operating characteristics using computer query, system peculiar test equipment, and computer diagnostics.

Experienced in isolating problems to the failing part using equipment such as, self-test diagnostics, oscilloscopes, frequency meters, signal generators, digital, and differential voltmeters, computer registers and printouts and other special and standard tools and test equipment.

Competent in removing and replacing components, assemblies, sub-assemblies, or parts using special and common hand tools, soldering devices and special electronic instruments.

Experiences involved modifying and updating avionics pods; or, support equipment and support software according to applicable technical publications.

Competent to analyze program data and determined if the criteria are sufficient to provide adequate testing and troubleshooting.


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