Introducing Serefind

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Posted by Pramod Verma, CEO & Founder

Serefind is a new way to explore jobs.

Job search is a boring process. Existing websites and apps are filled with unwanted clutter, disorder and information overload. We are trying to reinvent and build a simplified version of a "search engine" with focus on job search.

Serefind crawls information like a search engine using crawlers (also known as “bots”), classify, process and index them into various categories such as internship, engineering, etc.

Serefind uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for information processing and computational aesthetics. Users can also share information into those categories. App detects current location (city) and then provides that crawled and collected information as a search result.

Another goal of project is to provide design and user interface. When you use Serefind, you can feel elegant user experience.

Signup is easy. Just join as guest user and start exploring. You can also create a verified account.

App users can communicate through messaging.

Serefind also displays serendipitous recommendations during the search.

Serefind is currently available via iOS and Android apps for around 200+ locations in USA. This website is just for viewing job search results and currently under construction. Please see our Download page to more learn about this app. You are welcome to app write review or comment for the improvement of the technology. Please don't forget to rate the app.

US & International Patents Pending.