Telecommunications Technician

Posted on May 16, 2021


Chattanooga, TN  |  #engineering


Experience in structured cabling, OSP cabling, (fiber and copper)surveillance systems, and Access Control with the ability to install conduit, Cat 5e, and Cat 6 cable.

Work would include installing cameras (indoor/outdoor), installing the cable, mag locks, readers, associated cabling, DVR’s, programming, etc.

This would include conduit.

Installation environment would range from office to manufacturing to hospitals.

Job duties vary greatly depending on the project assignment.

Skills: cable* tech* cat* terminate*, fiber, copper, coax, access Top Skills Details: 1.

Install/terminate cat5e, cat6, coax, fiberoptic cable in a new construction or remodel environment.


Experience Installing conduit, card access systems, Audio, Visual, Mounting TV's, Ceiling Speakers, Amplifiers, paging 3.

Understand color code, necessary tools, equipment, lifts, etc.

These employees will be working on a variety of different projects, so Intec will use their strengths to decide which projects to put them on.

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