Software Developer

Posted on Oct 21, 2021

University of Maryland, College Park

College Park, MD  |  #technology


The Modeling and Optimization Consortium within the Center for Enivronmental Energy Engineering (CEEE) at the University of Maryland is conducts research in the field of HVAC&R modeling and optimization.

This research is a combination of analytical and experimental efforts.

The research is funded by more than 30 HVAC&R manufacturers/OEMs worldwide.

Engineering software is the best form of technology transfer and allows for immediate technology transfer to the researchers in these organizations.

This in turn adds value to these organizations and ensures continued research funding.

The primary purpose of this Software Developer position is develop meaningful and user-friendly graphical-user-interfaces for complex engineering algorithms and calculations to facilitate the overall technology transfer.

Location: College Park, MD

How to Apply

Please follow the application procedure at


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