AI/ML - Creative Producer for Voice (French), Siri Understanding

Posted on Aug 03, 2021


Culver City, CA


Join the team that crafts memorable characters who talk to millions of users a day as the voices of Siri.

Using groundbreaking technology in spoken language, user interfaces, and artificial intelligence, you can help shape the next evolution of human-computer interaction.

Apples Text-To-Speech Production Studio is a diverse and hardworking team looking for an especially skilled and creative Voice Producer eager to improve the customer experience of interacting with computer systems and devices in French.You will join the team that is responsible for creating and overseeing synthesized voices used in many increasing areas of the customer experience at Apple.

You will help define the characteristics of these voices and follow their creation from inception to customer delivery.

We are looking for a Voice Producer that has both extensive experience in directing and producing as well as the ability to utilize computer programs and systems in order to efficiently interact with technical and engineering teams.

Because you will be working closely with directors, producers, and voice talent as well as engineers from a number of other teams at Apple, we are looking for a team player who thrives in a fast paced environment with rapidly changing priorities.Apple's text-to-speech voices are known for their high audio quality and distinctive personalities.

The Voice Producer's main responsibility is to ensure that these standards are defined, met, and maintained from the beginning of the development process through to software release and then on an ongoing basis as continuous updates and improvements are made.

Specific responsibilities will include:- * Casting and hiring of support personnel including talent coaches and script supervisors* Overseeing voice productions to ensure quality standards and character brief are met at all stages of production* Learning and using proprietary tools to track production progress including script completion and alignment to schedules* Working with script department to ensure that scripts meet quality standards and character brief* Prepare Git pull requests and perform reviews and merges for scripts and script-related assets* Presenting and coordinating with all partners including writers, translators, build engineers, language engineers, QA and QE engineers, and Product Marketing* Performing semi-annual Competitive Analysis and providing experienced opinion on product quality* Learning and using proprietary tools to validate dialogue translations and make corrections where vital* Working with writers and translators to ensure dialogue meets quality standards and character brief* Learning and using proprietary tools to verify and correct pronunciations* Working with language engineers and linguists to improve voice builds on an ongoing basis, including pronunciations, prosody, and character * Understanding or learning about Natural Language Processing and Speech components specific to your language

How to Apply

Please follow the application procedure at for more info.

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