Apple Media Products Engineering- Program Manager - Platforms and Shared Services

Posted on Sep 15, 2020


Cupertino, CA

The Apple Media Products Engineering team is one of the most exciting examples of Apples long-held passion for combining art and technology.

These are the people who power the App Store, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books.

And they do it on a massive scale, meeting Apples high expectations with high performance to deliver a huge variety of entertainment in over 35 languages to more than 150 countries.

Apple Media Products Program Managers partner with engineers who build secure, end-to-end solutions.

Thanks to Apples unique integration of hardware, software, and services, engineers and Program Managers partner to get behind a single unified vision.

That vision always includes a deep commitment to strengthening Apples privacy policy, one of Apples core values.

Although services are a bigger part of Apples business than ever before, these teams remain small, nimble, and cross-functional, offering greater exposure to the array of opportunities here.The Platforms and Shared Services Program Management team serve a highly cross-functional role working on the foundational systems of our media products, including App Store, Apple Music, TV App, and more.

Our programs are a blend of product, business, technical, architecture, process, and physical infrastructure and were looking for you to drive these cross-functional programs from inception to outcome.In this hands-on role you will work with all levels of the engineering org, as well as site-reliability engineering, business teams, operational teams, marketing, analytics, and external vendors.

You are the thread tying these disparate teams together to deliver end-to-end projects that improve our products globally.

You will be involved in all aspects of the project life-cycle, whether it be helping develop functional requirements, getting into the detailed analysis, facilitating proofs-of-concept or QA, and tracking release management of multiple projects at once.

Youre someone who loves diving in to the detail as well as looking at the big picture, who is as comfortable in a detailed engineering discussion as presenting to executives.

Strong fundamentals are a must, but you have more.

You take ownership; you feel a personal stake in your projects; you communicate responsibilities and scope clearly; you value integrity; you handle conflict; you know how things work; you work for the success of the entire ecosystem; you thrive in uncertainty and strive to bring order to it; you have judgement and make decisions; you keep your eye on the ball; you build positive relationships; you are aware of politics but do not get mired in them; you are constantly looking to improve yourself and your team; you see around corners; and you deliver.This is a full time position, located at our Cupertino, California headquarters.

How to Apply

Follow the application procedure at for more info.

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