Automation Lab Engineer

Posted on Jul 31, 2021


Cupertino, CA  |  #engineering


The Core OS Operations team is seeking for a result driven and meticulously organized Automation Lab Engineer.

We are in need of a dedicated lab to service our integration, build, and test needs.

This individual will be responsible for deploying, managing and maintaining servers used for our automated integration system, servers used in our automated build system as well as the infrastructure for a fleet of hundreds of Apple devices used in a centralized, automated test system.

This role will also be responsible for maintaining a reliable testing infrastructure that supports unreleased Apple Hardware and Software.

Additionally, you will develop internal automation tools and scalable monitoring services to aid in day to day operations.We are looking for a motivated and service oriented individual who loves working on infrastructure.

You must enjoy working on multiple concurrent projects in a fast-paced environment that fosters growth, teamwork and innovation.

Some of your day to day actives will include:- Monitor and maintain hundreds of iOS/macOS devices and peripherals- Responsible for software configuration management where required tooling is consistently and reliably deployed across the fleet of machines- Troubleshooting and resolving issues in live production environments and implementing strategies to eliminate them- Develop and maintain scripts used for infrastructure monitoring and task automation- Willing to get your hands dirty; be hands on with hosts and devices to understand and improve reliability- Documenting and maintaining up to date processes and procedures- Provide support to engineering in debugging systems

How to Apply

Please follow the application procedure at for more info.

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