Senior Software Engineer in Test, Apple Maps

Posted on Aug 01, 2021


Cupertino, CA  |  #engineering


The Maps team is seeking a highly technical software engineer in test to drive automation testing and corresponding infrastructure.

We're looking for critical thinkers who would like to play a key role in qualifying critical pipelines that are responsible for managing the maps data and integration workflow.

This position requires a self-motivated individual with strong problem solving skills who can contribute in a dynamic team environment.We are looking for a motivated and technical leader who is passionate about testing software, committed to results and cares about the quality of our products.

You not only know how to conceptualize and develop prototypes to test multiple design and architectural concepts, but you also know how to work with senior engineers on the team and promote and demonstrate test frameworks.

You should be at ease working in a fast-paced, collaborative global environment in which developing and cultivating partnerships with multi-functional teams is key to long term success.

You will need to have a start up mindset, always looking for creative ways to tackle problems and increase the teams impact at Apple.

How to Apply

Please follow the application procedure at for more info.

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