Systems Architect - JMET Engineering

Posted on Jun 29, 2020


Cupertino, CA

JMET is an outstanding security engineering group within Apple IS&T.

We provide critical security services for the company across every product line.

From manufacturing to customer facing, our services span across the entire lifecycle of most Apple hardware.

We are responsible for the design, implementation and ongoing support of the services that we build.

Many of our services that we build are referred to in the iOS Security Guide or publicly discussed on internet forums.

We are seeking a systems architect to ensure that our implementations of new platform security services or system improvements are backed by a rigorous design plan and a clear understanding of scope, before resources are committed.

This individual is encouraged to come up to speed with our current service offerings and help shape the roadmap.JMETs portfolio of services is supported by a significant infrastructure footprint hosted across several geographies.

The systems architect will be responsible for ensuring that the underlying platform is well designed and implemented.

It should be backed by a rigorous design plan before resources are committed.

While the systems architect will need to engage on a tactical level to some extent, the expectation is that they always keep a strategic view of JMET technologies and features.ResponsibilitiesCollaborate with external clients and internal teams to ensure feature requests have clearly defined: Problem statements, Requirements and GoalsWork alongside JMET Engineering and Program Management to ensure all multi-functional clients and parties involved agree upon those definitions in some form of documented consensus.Ensuring features have adequately described a plan for: Implementation, Qualification & DeploymentIdentify risk in complex multi-tier environments and help guide architecture tradeoffs to reduce business risk and improve product security

How to Apply

Follow the application procedure at for more info.

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