Research Scientist in the BARU

Posted on Jun 26, 2020

Duke University, Social Science Research Institute

Durham, NC

Research Scientist in the BARU (Biodemography of Aging Research Unit) Duke University Duke University, Biodemography of Aging Research Unit (BARU) at the Social Science Research institute (SSRI), is world class scientific team that studies genetic and other mechanisms connecting aging, health, and longevity through comprehensive analyses of genetic and health information collected in several large human studies.

BARU research is funded by NIH grants, and we are looking for a motivated Research Scientist, who is interested in aging and health research and possesses versatile skills in data analysis, statistics, bioinformatics, machine learning, and software development, to work on ongoing BARU projects.

Work Responsibilities: The Research Scientist position in the BARU involves participation in a cutting-edge scientific research on genetic and other factors connecting physiological aging and Alzheimer’s disease, as part of NIH-funded projects with relevant focus.

The person holding this position is expected to: 1) independently manage large datasets with complex structure containing genetic and health information on tens of thousands of individuals; 2) perform comprehensive analysis of the information in these datasets using applicable statistical approaches and mathematical tools; 3) develop/implement software for functional analysis; 4) develop/implement machine learning applications for addressing project-related questions; and 5) actively participate in preparation of study results for presentations and publications.

The Research Scientist will be an integral part of the BARU research team, actively assisting the Principal Investigator and BARU leadership on research projects to ensure their progress.

While performing these responsibilities, s/he will be expected to conform to standards of responsible conduct in research, comply with good scholarly and research practice, maintain proper records of research activity, adhere to University standards regarding human subjects, data use and maintenance, and comply with other applicable University and departmental policies.

Min Degree Requirements: Ph.D.

or equivalent doctorate (e.g.

Sc.D., M.D.).

PhD in statistics, biostatistics, data science, bioinformatics, or mathematics is preferred.

Preferred skills and experience: A minimum of 5 years of experience (after obtaining PhD) in areas of research involving complex data management, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and software development.

Experience with managing datasets with complex structure.

Ability to assimilate complex data into manageable outputs and develop variables representing nonlinear dynamical processes in biological systems.

Solid skills in programming, R, and Python.

A working knowledge of bioinformatics, functional analysis, and machine learning is highly desirable.

Must be team oriented and well-organized and able to work effectively in a highly collaborative work environment.

Must be able to manage multiple tasks and evolving priorities, and have significant ability to learn and apply new skills and concepts.

Good written communication skills.

Duke is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to providing employment opportunity without regard to an individual's age, color, disability, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

Contact: Dr.

Svetlana Ukraintseva,

Please send your CV/resume and a half-page letter briefly summarizing your major research interests and key strengths.

How to Apply

Follow the application procedure at for more info.

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