Supervisory Forestry Technician (IHC Superintendent)

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Forest Service, Department of Agriculture

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This type of announcement provides the Forest Service with a readily available source of applicants when vacancies occur.

Eligibility and qualifications will be verified when there is a vacancy for the location and grade for which you applied.Information on specific locations where jobs are being filled and the dates when applications are due for these locations can be found on the Forest Service website.

See ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section for details.

In order to qualify, you must meet the eligibility and qualifications requirements as defined below by the closing date of the announcement.

For more information on the qualifications for this position, visit the Office of Personnel Management's General Schedule Qualification Standards.

Specialized Experience: GS-09: Applicants must have one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the next lower grade level GS-8.

OR have two full years (36 semester/54 quarter hours) of successfully completed graduate level education or master's degree if the coursework is directly related to the work of the position (such as forestry, range management, agriculture);OR a combinations of graduate level education that is directly related to the position (in excess of 18 semester/27 quarter hours) and specialized experience.

The education must have been obtained in an accredited college or university.

Examples of specialized experience include: Identified and analyzed suppression tactics and strategies employed on wildland fires, and revising and/or developing approaches in view of such condition.

Making on-site evaluations of conditions and tactical decision.

Determining appropriate responses pertinent to initial attack, large wildland fire suppression activities and wildland urban interface/intermix situations.

Exercising discretion in selecting work methods from among a variety of alternatives used to plan and execute support activities for fire and aviation management; Selective Placement Factors Primary firefighter positions include the following age requirements: Under age 37 -OR- less than age 37 after subtracting the months of Permanent Federal Service worked in a primary or secondary firefighter/law enforcement position -OR- a veteran preference eligible, older than age 37 and is requesting a waiver to the maximum age requirement.

Successfully completed the Primary NWCG Core Requirements of Task Force Leader (TFLD)(Currency required) -AND- Successful completion of the Secondary NWCG Core Requirement of Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4) -AND- Firing Boss (FIRB).

A copy of the Incident Qualification and Certification System (IQCS) Master Record (or equivalent training document).

In order to be considered for this position, copies of your Incident Qualification and Certification System (IQCS) Master Record (or equivalent training documents) which contain documented proof of the certification or attainment of the IFPM Selective Placement Factor for this position MUST be attached to your application.

Red cards are not acceptable documentation.

Currency Requirement: The required NWCG qualifications are derived from the Standards for IHC Operation and FS FAQG Chapter 4.

Selective Placement Factors are divided into Primary Core Requirements -AND- Secondary Core Requirement.

Once hired, CURRENCY IS REQUIRED, however applicants do not need to be "current" in their NWCG qualifications to be eligible for the position, but must attain "currency" within one year of hire.

See Wildland Fire Qualifications System Guide (PMS 310-1) for definition of "currency".

If not currently qualified, the applicant must provide documented evidence that they have been fully qualified in the past, and are able to regain currency within one year of being hired.

Failure to provide this documentation will result in disqualification.

Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community, student, social).

Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment.

You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience.

FIREFIGHTER RETIREMENT COVERAGE: This is a primary/rigorous position covered under the special retirement provisions of 5 USC 8336(c) for the Civil Service Retirement System and of 5 USC 8412(d) for the Federal Employees Retirement System.

WORK CAPACITY TEST (WCT) for Wildland Firefighters: This position participates in wildland firefighting activities.

Based on the type of work performed, TAKING and PASSING the WCT at the ARDUOUS level is a condition of employment.

To receive consideration for this position, you must meet all qualification requirements by the closing date of this announcement.

Deadline: 2021-08-23 (20 days left)
Salary: 52K-68K Per Year

How to Apply

Please follow the application procedure at for more info.

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