Forestry Technician (Fire)

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Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of the Interior

Fort Washakie, WY  |   #government


This position is located with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Superintendent, Wind River Agency in Fort Washakie, Wyoming.

This is an open continuous vacancy announcement and applications will be reviewed for referral when vacancies occur.

Your application will expire in 3 months and you will need to reapply to keep your application active.

The following shows the amounts of education and/or experience requirednGS-05:nOne year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-04.nORnSuccessful completion of a full 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor's degree (a) with major study in forestry, range management, agriculture, or a subject-matter field directly related to the position, or (b) that included at least 24 semester hours in any combination of courses such as those shown above for GS-4.

No more than 6 semester hours in mathematics is creditable.

Specialized Experience:nExamples include on-the-line wildland fire experience in forest fire control, prevention or suppression work as a skilled wildland firefighter, utilizing a variety of specialized wildland fire tools and equipment along with safety practices.

Individual Occupational RequirementsnSpecialized Experience (for positions at GS-4 and above)nGS-05: In addition to the experience requirements described, seasonal experience may also be creditable.

A season of experience is considered to be a period of no less than 3 months of continuous employment on a seasonal basis.

Shorter periods may be combined to make a season, provided a total of at least 3 months' experience is shown.

For any period where the work exceeded 3 months, the excess work is credited towards an additional season of experience.

One season of experience is qualifying for GS-2; 2 seasons of experience qualify for GS-3; and 4 seasons of experience qualify for GS-4.nExamples of qualifying specialized experience include: Forestry aid or technician work.

Engineering, range, or soil conservation technician work that involved the application of cultural, resource conservation, or land management practices on nonforest or ranch lands when combined with knowledge of forestry operations and equipment.

Farming or ranching work that involved application of cultural and soil and water conservation practices, including safety and use of equipment, and that provided a basic understanding of land use.

Forest or range fire control, prevention, or suppression work.

The applicant must have possessed all of the following National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) incident management qualifications and training requirements to be considered eligible for this position:n1.

Primary Core Qualification: Firefighter Type 1 (FFT1)n2.

additional required training: S-290 "Intermediate Fire Behavior"nSelectees for IFPM positions requiring currency will be required to obtain and maintain currency for the NWCG qualifications listed above.

All qualification requirements must be met by the closing date of this announcement.

Merit Promotion candidates must also meet time-in-grade requirements by the announcement closing date.

Deadline: 2021-12-31T22:59:00.9970 (103 days left)
Salary: 35K-45K Per Year
Location: Fort Washakie, WY

How to Apply

Please login or download the free Serefind app and access the application link using requisition number 3501211.


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