Chemist for Mid Size Aerospace Metal Finishing Company

Posted on May 16, 2021

Omni Metal Finishing, Inc

Huntington Beach, CA  |  #science


About the Job To analyze Identified inorganic chemical solutions and maintain them at Optimum Control Limits.

To ensure Solution Analysis is controlled in a systematic manner.

To ensure that Industrial wastewater treatment is analyzed and controlled before disposal.

Duties and Responsibilities: Analyze all chemical solutions used for special processes in the wet lab.

Pick up samples at the process line for optimum control limit checks and/or addition requirements.

Perform Titration and PH/Acid Ratio analysis.

Perform heavy metal/iron solution content analysis.

Perform Atomic Absorption Analysis.

Perform grain size analysis.

Make analysis procedures for backup personnelinput and Output of Chemical Analysis Forms for Chemical Additions and Quality Archives.


Review and approval of analysis results.


Authorization of re-analysis.


Calculation of process solution additions and corrections.


Preparation and approval of analysis procedure.


Mass Loss test.


Taber Abrasion Test.

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