High Voltage Electrician

Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Department of the Navy

San Nicolas Island, CA - Sep 07, 2022 via USAJobs

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This is a public notice flyer to notify interested applicants of anticipated vacancies.

Applications will not be accepted through this flyer.

Interested applicants must follow the directions in the "How to Apply" section of this flyer to be considered.

There may or may not be actual vacancies filled from this flyer.

Notice of Result letters will not be sent to applicants who respond to this flyer.

Although a specific length of time and experience is not required for most trade and labor occupations, you must show through experience and training that you possess the quality level of knowledge and skill necessary to perform the duties of the position at the level for which you are applying.

Qualification requirements emphasis is on quality of experience, not necessarily the length of time.

Your qualifications will be evaluated on the basis of your level of knowledge, skills, abilities and/or screen out listed below.nThis job has a screen-out element which will be used to determine minimum eligibility for this job.

Applicants who do not receive a minimum of two points on the screen-out element(s) will be found ineligible.

The Screen-out Element for this position is: THE ABILITY TO DO THE WORK OF A HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICIAN WITHOUT MORE THAN NORMAL SUPERVISION INCLUDING: (1) Following instructions to repair high voltage electrical power-generating and distribution equipment (e.g., generators, transformers, switches, circuit breakers, recording instruments, and control systems); 2) Reading circuit drawing and diagrams to identify electrical problems; 3) Using safety equipment such as hot sticks, rubber blackets, and insulated gloves when working on energized high voltage electrical systems.).

Applicants must meet the requirements of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Job Qualification Handbook for Trades and Labor Occupations.

Additional qualification information can be found at: https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/classification-qualifications/federal-wage-system-qualifications/#url=List-of-Approved-Job-Elements This position is entitled to a remote site-offshore allowance up to $10.00 a day and may not to exceed $10.00 a day in addition to pay otherwise due to the employee.

(See 5 U.S.C.

5942 and 5 C.F.R.

591 Subpart C).

Applicants should be aware of the limited medical care in the island.

There are no physicians.

The Navy Hospital Corpsman are assigned to San Nicolas Island and are able to treat minor illness and injuries.

They are also capable of providing initial stabilization of most medical emergencies.

In the event of emergency, individuals will be evacuated by aircraft to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Foul weather conditions may delay air evacuation for several hours or even several days.

The incumbent should consider this information seriously, especially if you have potentially life threatening medical problems that may require the immediate attention to a physician.


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