Safety & Occupational Health Manager

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Bonneville Power Administration, Department of Energy

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This position is part of the Bonneville Power Administration, Department Of Energy.

As a Safety & Occupational Health Manager, you will be planning, directing, and collaborating with BPA Strategic Planning to develop performance management strategies, processes to establish a clear, strategic direction and an integrated plan to carry out the strategic objectives and multi-year performance targets.

A qualified candidate's resume must demonstrate at least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the next lower grade level (GS-12) in the Federal service.

Specialized Experience for this position is defined as: Experience applying human and organizational performance theories, principles, and methodologies to (1) Plan and integrate individual and organizational performance strategies into organizational operations, processes, and systems; (2) Coach both leaders and individual contributors in the application of human and organizational performance methods to improve operational reliability; and (3) Develop and deliver human performance trainings across agency business lines in order to advance the organization's strategic goals.

Deadline: 2021-07-23 (Expired)
Salary: 98K-127K Per Year

How to Apply

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