Aerospace Engineer (Systems)

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National Transportation Safety Board, Other Agencies and Independent Organizations

Washington, DC  |  #engineering #government


This position is located in the Office of Aviation Safety, Aviation Engineering Division in Washington, DC.

Participates and directs engineering aspects of general aviation and air carrier accidents involving safety issues associated with aircraft flight control, hydraulic, electrical, avionic and pneumatic systems including design, manufacturing, certification and maintenance conditions.

You must meet the "Education Requirements" and the "Specialized Experience" to qualify for this position as described below.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:nGS-14: You MUST have one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-13 grade level in the Federal service (experience may have been gained in the private sector), performing the following types of specialized experience defined as (1)Working knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations requirements (Part 23, 24, and 43) or equivalent military specifications with aircraft systems engineering experience; (2) Thorough understanding of how to apply engineering concepts and principles to the design, testing, evaluation, or troubleshooting of aircraft systems and components, and a working knowledge of the engineering aspects of structures and powerplants; (3) Strong communication skills and ability to explain complex technical concepts to non-technical and senior decision-makers; (4) Ability to interpret engineering schematics and other technical documentation related to aircraft systems, and to use these skills to design new aircraft systems or modifications to existing aircraft systems, evaluate aircraft system performance, determine aircraft system potential failure modes and their characteristics, develop test plans and procedures for aircraft systems, develop new troubleshooting procedures for aircraft systems, and/or determine the system level effect of a known defect or problem within an aircraft system; and (5) Interpersonal skills to establish and maintain effective collaborative working relationships in multi-agency investigations.

For more information see link: In addition to the education and specialized experience, you must possess the skill to write comprehensive complex investigation technical reports.

If selected for an interview, you will be required to provide a writing sample.

NOTE: Your resume must clearly show the specialized experience and competencies related to this position.

Failure to demonstrate how you possess the education, specialized experience and competencies will result in an "Ineligible" rating.

Deadline: 2021-06-18 (Expired)
Salary: 122K-158K Per Year

How to Apply

Please follow the application procedure at for more info.

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