Entomologist (Pest Management)

Posted on Dec 02, 2020

Smithsonian Institution , Other Agencies and Independent Organizations

Washington, DC  |  #management #government


This position is located in Smithsonian Institution's (SI) Smithsonian Facilities (SF).

The incumbent reports to the Director, Smithsonian Gardens (SG).The incumbent serves as an associate entomologist, structural pest control, in the integrated pest management services program for all Smithsonian facilities in Washington, DC; Virginia, New York and Maryland which involves the implementation of a least-risk pest management for insects and commensal rodents.

In addition to Basic Requirement below you must also have the following experience:nExperience: You qualify for this position if you have one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least theGS-7 level in the Federal Service or comparable pay band system.For this position specialized experience is defined asa registered structural pest control technician for health care, child care, zoo, museum or food services establishments performing services to prevent, control or eliminate pest infestations.nOr Education: Two full years of progressively higher levelgraduate education leading toa master's degree or equivalent graduate degree in entomology; or related discipline of the biological or physical sciencesmay be substituted to meet the specializedexperience requirements.Or a Combination: Education and experience may be combined to meet the basic qualifications.

For a full explanation of this option please see the Qualification Standards.

Special Instructions for Foreign Education: If you are qualifying by education and/or you have education completed in a foreign college/university described above, it is your responsibility to provide transcripts and proof of U.S.

accreditation for foreign study.

For instructions on where to fax these documents, see the "Required Documents" section of this announcement.nPart-time and/or unpaid experience related to this position will be considered to determine the total number of years and months of experience.

Be sure to note the number of paid or unpaid hours worked each week.

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